For three days in January, from the 23rd to the 25th, Palm Beach becomes the rally point for some of the fastest and most exotic cars on the planet.  The term “Supercar” was coined in the 1960’s to describe feats of engineering applied to the common automobile that pushed the limits of speed and design.  With price tags reaching $10 million, these aptly-named Supercars become collector’s items for the ultra wealthy as soon as they roll off the assembly line.

From left to right: Gail Hughes, Steve Simpson, David Fite, Leslie Linder, Dorita Barrett

From left to right: Gail Hughes, Steve Simpson, David Fite, Leslie Linder, Dorita Barrett

Fite Shavell & Associates executives and realtors attended portions of the event on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Attendees include David Fite, Brooke Raich, Elana Thibault, Gloria More, Dorita Barrett, Maris Charney, Gail Hughes, Jean Ellen Heron, Maggie Sarubbi, John Savin, Jennifer Hasozbek-Garcia, Steve Simpson, Leslie Linder, Chris Deitz, and Beth Moross.

David attended the Friday event at Gucci for the North American debut of the Spada Concept Car, and the main event on the waterfront on Saturday.  The Saturday event featured million dollar concept car showings along the historic Flagler Drive on Palm Beach Island and mega yachts along the waterfront.  Saturday also featured supercars from around the world including the 251 mph Bugatti Veyron, the all new 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe, the classic 1971 Lamborghini Miura, and the historical 1967 Ford J6 Lemans racing car.

David Fite with wife Nadine and their two children

Fite Shavell & Associates also hosted the 25th rally at Leslie Linder’s listing in the Bears Club; one of their newest listings valued at $7.5 million.

Other Supercar Weekend sponsors included Rolls Royce North America, Jim Glickenhaus, Supercar Life, DJ Irie, Henrik Fisker, DuPont Registry, Palm Beach Illustrated and Barclays Real Estate.